Thursday, August 6, 1998

Oxnard Hilton Inn, 7:30 pm


The 1998 ACDCA Specialty is on the lookout for Dingo Bingo donations! Anything "doggie" or having to do with ACDs is welcome.


CONTACT: Lynda White

40601 163rd Street East (805) 264-1789

Lancaster CA 93535


IDEAS: crates, flexis, gift certificates, training books and tapes, etc. If you’d be interested in ‘sponsoring’ a bigger item that you don’t want to bring along or ship, it can be purchased locally in your name. The night of fun and games...ending with someone winning a suite in next year’s host hotel!


Remember: the success of Dingo Bingo depends on the people within the club.





A new item for 1998, thought up by Deb Casey, is the video contest "Funniest ACD Videos". Grab that video camera and catch your fur kids doing the strange things they are apt to do. Send a VHS Video tape along with the $5 entry fee to:


Deb Casey

5272 County Road 922

Nevada TX 75173


Winner will receive a $100.00 gift certificate! Videos will be shown in Hospitality room throughout the Specialty.