1998 ACDCA
National Specialty

Properties Classes

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Lori Herbel (pink pants), Paul Warthling (aka "perfect Paulie") and Christy Warthling check in the entrants at the Properties Classes. Marge Blankenship (hat) picks up her number for her Cute little red puppy.

Craig Watson and Kathy Hamilton chew the fat while Pretzel the puppy peeks out between daddy's legs.

Cheryl Kurpas PROUDLY displays her new ACD-L t-shirt!!

Alpha Dog mentally prepares himself for the competition. In the background, Cheryl Kurpas and Mike Manion discuss Show leads while Evelyn Schisler (pink shirt) looks on. In the far background, Liz Hoch and Koo watch the competition.

Stephen Ware and Cappy (the dog) Casey Painter is sitting there behind Stephen while Marilyn Painter, Alice Sauerborn and Bradd Scharff wrestle some puppy to the ground for unknown reasons (VBG).

Lori (Whitman) Bashor, Marilyn ("charming tongue") Painter, Larry Painter and Valerie Demesa Breummer.

Entrants in the Herding Titled Class.

David Steward starts examining the Ancestral Class entrants

Ancestral Class entrants Celeste Anderson and "Ginger", blue dog is Bruce DeMers and HIT Chief (not bloody Dingo like, but a donation is a donation), David is examining Koo that seems to be saying "Scritch a bit to the left pleeeaaase!"

First place in the Ancestral Class went to Alison Dielke and her dog ??????

Rescue Parade of titleholders; Elizabeth Hoch, Brad Scharff and Koo being presented their ribbon by Valerie Demesa Breummer.

Rescue Parade of titleholders; Amy Berry and Rose being presented their ribbon by Valerie Demesa Breummer

Sam Russell, Jack Russell and some chick that looks like Kathy Buetow (but it can't POSSIBLY be her, 'cause she never dresses up like that!).

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