1998 ACDCA
National Specialty

At the Herding Arena

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Alice Sauerborn "kicks back" and enjoy's the view while Maggers jumps on her mommy's lap for comfort. Others in the photo include Linda King (pink hat) and Jeannie Clark, Lori Bashor (brown hat), Darlene Hurley and Wendy Wilson.

Linda King (pink hat) and Jeannie Clark share secrets (who is that doing the whispering though ??) while Marilyn Painter and Kathy Hamilton share laundry tips. Over in the top left corner is Bruce DeMers watching the action.

Patty Lane and Amanda Crispel say "Cheese!"

Steve Waltenburg, Kent Herbel and Kim Griffith.

Sharon Jones, Alyson Brown and Barbara Pugliese (trial secretary) man the trophy/score/secretary table.

Kathy Christian and Cappy Pruett are presented their awards for Trial 1 Cattle runs.

Larry Painter working Sage.

Eric Sheets and Bruce DeMers fawn over ???? (Bandit?)

(Owned by the Watson clan)

Elan Watson's Aussie "Joy"
O.K., so she's not an ACD.....but Elan is one of my "National Specialty little sisters" and I think her dog is cute :)!!

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