My husband & i recently adopted our ACD "Elroy" after having to euthanize an older dog who had cancer, because our 3 yr old dog was immensely missing his dearly departed companion. We found Elroy through http://www.petfinder.org -- i was told he was born in Fresno, CA. We picked him up in Fremont, CA where he was in a nice foster home. Elroy acted like he was right at home as soon as he stepped in our front door here in our San Jose, CA home! He and our 3 yr old mixed breed (a NARF rescue dog) are the best of friends, love playing in our backyard or rumble-tumbling throughout the house, playing tug-of-war with toys/rope pulls & taking walks around our neighborhood. Elroy is so eager to learn! He learned to sit & shake immediately & with a little bit more work, he has also learned to lay down on command. He begins puppy obedience classes this weekend. We're anxious to take him to the beach, since he seems to like water & our 3 yr old totally loves playing the ocean. The 2 of them are more like father & son rather than brothers, with the little guy anxiously learning from our 3 yr old. Elroy was approximately 12 wks old when we picked him up 3 wks ago. Even though we have always opted for mixed breeds before, i would now definitely recommend an Australian Cattle Dog to nearly anyone.


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