We were not specifically looking for an ACD, but one (a mix) found us. My name is Jeff. My family (wife and three kids) and I recently adopted 4 month old Sasha (now 6 months) from a rescue society that had acquired her in Georgia and brought her up north here to NJ for fostering. We were told that she was a beagle/bluetick coonhound mix. After researching the internet I had a feeling she had features of an ACD. She has the colors and look of an ACD except she has short, sort of floppy ears and is a bit smaller. When I took her to my vet, he said she appeared to be an Australian cattle dog/beagle mix. Sasha seems like she is going to be a good dog and is real smart, although she is currently extremely energetic and quite mouthy. She doesn't hurt anyone with her biting however. She is going to group obedience once a week.She knows sit, down, paw and usually, but not always come, and we are working on stay. Sasha loves other dogs, and she has been to the dog park and does fine. Her best friend is our neighbors large male chocolate lab, Snickers, who holds her down with one paw to put her in her place. Sasha is not very into retrieving, but she loves to chase and grab a toy and run with it. I'm looking forward to learning alot about ACDs


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