So you have an ACD mix.....

I guess this space is as good as any to broach this subject.

Many, many people write in each month asking about what type of personality their ACD mix will have. Unfortunately there is no clearcut answer to that question.

While each and every dog has a unique personality, there are indeed breed traits that shine through in KNOWN breeds (that's why breeds were developed by man over the years afterall).

Our best advice is to learn all you can learn about each breed in a KNOWN mix. Learn the reason that the breed was developed and all you can about breed traits and tendencies. Tie that all in with the known ACD link (we assume that's why you're here) and you may get a good idea about what your dogs personality/tendencies/instincts MAY be as he/she growns and develops! A great jumping point for learning about different breeds is the American Kennel Club website.

An Australian Cattle Dog mixed with a Siberian Husky like "Buttons" here on the left will be an EXCEPTIONALLY energetic dog.

Common mixes in our breed like the ACD x Australian Shepherd or the ACD x Border Collie (Sometimes called a "Texas Heeler") are just about guaranteed to be herding fools that have a HUGE requirement for exercise (both physical and mental).

Your Cattle Dog mix may be the most mellow "un-ACD-like" creature on the face of the earth, but making yourself aware of the breed characteristics MAY help you down the road if problems arise!