ACD-L the Australian Cattle Dog Listserv

ACD-L, the Australian Cattle Dog Dog Mailing List, allows ACD owners and enthusiasts to communicate by email with hundreds of people worldwide who share a common interest in this wonderful Herding Breed. Every email message sent to the list address (ACD-L@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM) is relayed out to all the subscribers on the list (currently well over 1,000 members!). In this way, anyone with email access to the Internet can exchange stories, questions, suggestions, tips and other information about the breed. It is not necessary that you have full Internet access to participate; if you can send and receive email, you can be a member of ACD-L !!

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Topics discussed on the list range from health issues, shows and competitions, breeding, behavior, personal anecdotes...whatever the subscribers want to talk about. The mailing list is not moderated, but is monitored for appropriate subject matter. This is an informal, friendly list.....we just all love to chat about our Cowdogs!!

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The Australian Cattle Dog Mailing List is sponsored by L-Soft and is intended ONLY for the non-profit use and pleasure of the Internet community. Commercial use of the list is strictly prohibitted. All participants on the mailing list are expected to comport themselves in a mature and considerate manner. Repeated or flagrant abuses may be grounds for termination of posting priviledges. Decisions of the list administrators are final.

The administrators of the Australian Cattle Dog Dog Mailing List are Katherine Branson and John Thomas. Please report all problems, bugs or inappropriate use of the mailing list to the list administrators (

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To subscribe to the Australian Cattle Dog List:

    Do not put anything in the subject line*
    In the body of the message write:
    Subscribe ACD-L John Doe
    (insert your real first name and real last name after "ACD-L")

    *for AOL members, or others services that require that
    something be in the subject line, just write the word "none"

    You will receive a Welcome message explaining the rules and workings of ACD-L.
    Please save this message for future reference !!

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