Hi! My name is Lynda Clark and I live in the Eastern Pilbara town called Newman in Western Australia. Here is a short story about the 2 dogs who I cheshed deeply.

Ekho was born on January 4th 1985. My boyfriend bought me her for my engagement present. (much better than a ring).I am now married with 2 children. She was the most faithful dog I have ever had. She was a pure bred Blue Heeler. Her pedigree name was Marinup Blue Allana. She lived 99% of her life up in the North West of Western Australia in a town called Port Hedland along with my other dog Sunny who was a Red Heeler. He was born on 8th March, 1985. After living in Port Hedland we all moved to another mining town Called Newman. They grew up very close along with my two children Sheree and Kristopher who also adored her. Ekho was very protective of my daughter, who liked to go walk-a-bout. They went missing for almost 2 hours one day and we found the 2 dogs either side of my daughter walking down one of the old roads.(luckily there was no traffic).

As the 2 dogs was getting old we got another cattle dog called Belle, hoping that they would teach her all good habits, (which they did very successfully). All the dogs loved the beach and rivers and beaches.

Sadly Sunny ate some bate that some kind person threw over our fence. He had a heart murmer and we had to have him put to sleep on November 15th 1997. Ekho was diagnosed with tumors that were not cancerous, she had many bllod clots and got a bit overweight, if it wasn't for Belle Im sure she would have withered away sooner than she did. Ekho was put to sleep on 4th February, 1990. It was the saddest day of my life. I had her cremated and can't bear to bury her ashes until we move and stay in a toen permanently as I want her with me always.

I have since gotten another Blue Heeler called Gypsy who is also a pure bred but neither Belle nor Gypsy will ever replace Ekho and Sunny.