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Please note that we are checking facts and working on this page furiously.....we KNOW that there are a LOT more "sightings" put there and are working on it! Once we have the sightings entered from ACD-L, we will put a submission form on this page to assist you in sending in your sighting (unless you saw an Australian Cattle Dog walking with Elvis in the city of Alantis, in which case you should notify us IMMEDIATELY and include your coat size)

"You Oughtta be in Pictures"

YearTitleNon-ACD Stars Fun Facts, etc.
1941 The Silver Stallion Chief Thundercloud Looking for verification on this one!
The Earthling
Ricky Schroder ACDs used as "Dingos"
1985 The Road Warrior Mel Gibson
1987 Planes, Trains and Automobiles Steve Martin
John Candy
ACD pops up in split-second cameo in pickup truck
The Last of the Dogmen
Tom Berenger
Barbara Hershey
Dogs name is "Zip"
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1995 Rainbow Bob Hoskins Dog is of Reddenblu breeding
1995 Babe James Cromwell ACD is one of the "bad guys" dogs and helps steal the sheep
1996 Love Serenade Miranda Otto
Rebecca Frith
ACD chases protagonist and has some great off-screen barks
1996 Dear God Greg Kinear ACD in closing moments of the movie - funny scene!
1997 Joey Ed Begley Jr. ACD has big part!
1998Very Bad Things Cameron Diaz
Christian Slater
1998 (TV)Scattering Dad Olympia Dukakis
Andy Griffith
Dog (ACDx?) shows up with wonderfully etherial character

"The Boob Tube" - Programs

Year/DateTitleAppearance Fun Facts, etc.
December 1991 John Denver's Montana Christmas Skies Christmas Special features scenes of ACDs working and hanging out listening to singing

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April, 1996 Animal Tails 12 week old ACD puppies in tricks & agility classEulenspiel I Trumped your Ace (Trump) and Am/Can/UCh Eulenspiel Piston Pakin Mama (Tilly).
March 17, 1997 Inside Edition "SkidBoot" Owner still calling him a mix
March 22, 1997 Fox News Herding ?
April 24, 1997 Animal Planet Red ACD Puppy in Obedience Class Narrator mentioned breed
June 12, 1997 CNN ACD playing Frisbee -
October 1997 CNN News story about midwest flooding Red ACD clinging to woman's back
October 16, 1997 Today Show Story about young woman in accident whose ACD helped her recover Dog's name is "Ed"
1998 "Goosebumps" Kids being turned into dogs be a mad scientist - the first is an ACD Name of episode????
1998Scattering Dad Olympia Dukakis
Andy Griffith
Dog (ACDx?) shows up with wonderfully etherial character
July 1998 Animal Planet ACD featured ---
July 1998 Dateline (NBC) ACD "Bill" that was lost in NY featured Sigh, Bill still not wearing collar and tags !!

"The Boob Tube" - Commercials

Year/DateTitleAppearance Fun Facts, etc.
199? Levis Jeans George Strait and his ACD "Buster" Buster has been missing for a long time now and G.S. has a new pup
1997 Hanes her Way Commercial ACD Walking with Women -
1997 GMC Sport Utility ACD Jumps into back -
1997 Fosters Beer ACD gets out from under falling rock and man doesn't From the "How to speak Australian" series
1997Ford Truck Commercial Family going out to driveway with pup in arms Pup bred by Kathy & Scott Hamilton. Name: Redwings True Lies aka "Trudy"

"In Print - Magazines and Catalogs"

Year/DateTitleAppearance Fun Facts, etc.
February 1994 National Geographic p. 15 "Nick" belongs to Philip Goodell
Spring 1997 Country Reins Catalog ACD wearing Baker Dog Coat -
April 14, 1997 People Magazine ACD on Lap Page 96
June, 1997 American Cowboy Article about rancher Melody Harding (Hysham, Mont.) and her dog "Mick" is in photo Page 57
Summer 1997 Minds Eye CatalogACD Staring at Lawn Flamingo Page 5
August, 1997 Dog & Kennel Article "The Healing Power of the ACD" Author: Rick Beauchamp
August, 1997 W Magazine Article on Ralph Lauren ACD in photo with Lauren and Ranch manager Larry Luke
September 1997 Dog Fancy ACD "Sadie" In photo gallery
Late September, 1997 People Magazine ACD on cover? With man dressed as a moose
Fall 1997Ruffwear Catalog"Otis" is company spokesmanCan also be seen at:
October 1997 Plow & Hearth Catalog Blue wearing a jacket page 68
November 1997 Mountain Bike Action Magazine Magazine editor pictured with his ACD-


Year/DateTitleAppearance Fun Facts, etc.

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