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After years of email requests starting: "Where do I buy t-shirts featuring this wonderfulbreed?" or "What kind of rawhide does this breed like?" I have taken the time to put together a page pointing interested people to sites and catalogs where they can buy items that are known ACD favorites or gift items that are recommended by the humans that own this breed.

You will notice in navigating these pages that sometimes you wind up at a different site by clicking on a product name or banner. Several of these vendors have what is called "Associates Programs" that give a little kickback to CattleDog.Com for purchases made at their site when you click through to their site from these pages. Patronage of these sites THROUGH our links helps to support these volunteer-run pages and every little bit helps.

We have broken our shopping suggestions into categories for ease of navigation. Please be sure to visit the suggested categories of toys and gifts: Books, Videotapes, Gifts for Doggies and Gifts for Humans.

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