One of the MOST common questions I get via the ACD Web Feedback form is "How do I train my Australian Cattle Dog?" The Long Sit What's the old saying, ask a silly question and you'll get a silly answer??

I usually reply: "Train them to do what.... Ride a bike? Bunji Jump? Wash the Dishes?" Yea, yea so I'm a little jaded after years of silly questions.

While we all would LOVE to train our dogs to wash the dishes (without their tongues), their replies to my silly answer to their incomplete question are usually that they are seeking help with either basic obedience (manners) or herding training. Two types of "training" that are obviously on vast opposite ends of the training spectrum.

I'm going to be blunt, I'm not going to tackle EITHER of these topics fully on this website, but I am going to try to guide you to some other good websites and suggest books on the topic(s) you are seeking help with. I'm also going to provide you links to trainers around the world that know our breed and like working with the Australian Cattle Dog.

Be sure not to miss the section here at on "Things to do with your ACD" may just broaden your ideas of what these wonderful dogs are capable of!

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